Opponents of Prop 60 condom legislation in adult films call measure ill-conceived

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- One of the initiatives California voters will decide has united both the Democratic and Republican parties in opposition. Prop 60 would require condoms to be used by performers in adult films, backers say they aren't anti-porn, just anti-unsafe porn.

California and New Hampshire are the only states that allow adult films to be made legally.

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Now the supporters of Prop 60 want tighter regulations. The opponents including those who work in adult films say the measure is misguided.

Ariel X is a performer and producer in the adult film industry who is adamantly opposed to prop 60. It would require performers to wear condoms, producers to pay for more medical exams and allow people who watch porn to sue if they don't see condoms being used.

"It puts a bounty on our head," Ariel X said.

She and others say the industry already has strict measures in place to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted disease. In fact, CA-OSHA recently decided against implementing more guidelines

"This bill does nothing to advance it. It actually takes us back a couple of steps. We have good testing protocols," Ariel X said.

But Prop 60 backers claim the industry is defying the law.

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"As a result, thousands of young men and women are being illegally and routinely exposed to sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV," said John Schwada, Prop 60 campaign manager.

Many medical professionals say Proposition 60 is ill-conceived.

"This is not a public health measure. This is some kind of punitive strange law," said Marylou Licwinko of the San Francisco Medical Society.

And those in the industry say lawsuits could expose their names and addresses putting them at physical risk, something backers don't buy.

"There are all sorts of laws that allow for private citizens to sue to enforce the law," Licwinko said.

If Prop 60 becomes the law, performers say it'll drive their industry underground or out of state.

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