'People are angry:' protesters flood streets of Oakland

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Hundreds of people flocked to the streets of Oakland to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump. Perhaps the rain and a change in police tactics kept the protest small by Oakland standards.

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Protesters were not allowed to march all over the city, just a four or five block radius around Frank H. Ogawa Plaza.

A tightly corralled march of several hundred people circled downtown Oakland.

"People are angry," said Jen Nelson from Alameda. "People are frustrated. People feel like their government hasn't heard them."

Police lined the streets as local attorneys observed. "We're here to make sure people get their chance to protest peacefully," said Robin Wong. "And we're hoping to help people protest and yet avoid being arrested."

A diverse crowd bounced from one police line to the next.

An open mic event earlier Friday garnered large, emotional crowds.

"I'm a veteran," said Maggie Lewis of Richmond. "I served in the U.S. Navy, but if I were in the service today I would go AWOL. I wouldn't serve under him. He does not belong in the White House."

The Socialist Alternative is organizing for the Trump Administration. "Mass movements are going to be necessary to stop Trump's attacks," said Freeman Ryan of the group. "Mass mobilizations of working people to in the streets to protest, to get organized in the workplaces, to potentially have strike actions, boycotts, school walkouts. Things like that."

Police arrested three people; two for vandalism with a marker or spray paint and one for resisting arrest.

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