President Obama makes quick trip to San Francisco to raise funds for Democratic Party

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- President Obama is resting in San Francisco Friday night after a busy day. He touched down at SFO Friday afternoon and attended a pair of fundraisers.

The president is staying at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco and he's only in the city for 24 hours raising money for the Democratic party.

A crowd at the top of Pacific Heights cheered as President Barack Obama's motorcade traveled down Broadway. Kay Mohammed shot video of his visit on her cellphone.

"It was an amazing moment. I just feel so blessed that he's our president and i'm going to miss him," Mohammed said.

President Obama arrived at San Francisco International Airport with his daughter Malia Friday afternoon. They were greeted by house minority leader Nancy Pelosi, representative Jackie Speier and a pack of supporters.

The president is in San Francisco for fundraisers. First, in Potrero Hill at the home of Susan Sandler and Steve Phillips. Preschoolers waited on the sidewalk to see the commander in chief go by.

Then it was off to Pelosi's annual fundraiser at the home of billionaires Ann and Gordon Getty. Jennifer Bennet and her three boys watched as bomb sniffing dogs checked out the extravagant cars that came through the gates.

"Well, it is pretty amazing. I've read about things like this and it's kind of cool to see it. It is very secure. The boys are impressed by the fancy cars. And we are kind of wondering who's that who's that," Marin County resident Jennifer Bennett said.

Tickets cost $33,400 per couple. But Bennett says her son seeing the president on his ninth birthday was priceless.

"Totally awesome birthday present," she said.

That event raised more than $3 million. Obama told the room, "We have a lot of work to do" and criticized Republicans blocking his Supreme Court pick.

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