President Obama visits Lake Tahoe for climate change summit

LAKE TAHOE (KGO) -- President Obama gave a speech at the Tahoe Summit about climate change and his efforts to combat it, something that will surely be part of his legacy.

Clearly impressed, Obama made his first visit to Lake Tahoe and promised he would be back often after he leaves office.

"This place is spectacular, highest, deepest, purest lakes in the world," Obama said. "I'll be coming around, I told you. I just won't have Marine One."

Obama's visit comes during the 20th annual Lake Tahoe Summit, an event committed to exploring changing climate and its impact on ecosystems, like the Tahoe basin

"Unlike other lakes that have become dumps, this is still a pristine wonder," said Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown.

"Lake Tahoe, it's the jewel of the Sierra, which Mark Twain called the fairest picture the whole earth affords," said Calif. Sen. Barbara Boxer.

"I'm proud to say that $1.9 billion has spent on the renewal of this lake so far projects have been been completed and some 20 more are in the works," Calif. Sen. Dianne Feinstein said.

"The future generations deserve clear water and clean air that will sustain their bodies and sustain their souls," Obama said.

Many listening to the president's message moved to Tahoe from the Bay Area.

"I think it's important to have symbolic acts and hopefully some money behind it for climate change and for keeping Tahoe Blue," said Tahoe resident Davis Masten.

A bill pending in the senate would commit $450 million to future Tahoe projects over the next 10 years.
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