Protesters demand action from Sen. Dianne Feinstein in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein returned home to San Francisco while Congress is on recess.

A large group of protesters gathered outside of an event Feinstein was speaking at, asking the senator to hold a town hall meeting.

While protesters chanted outside the Public Policy Institute of California, the senator was inside at a private event for 250 guests.

"Let me begin, this is unlike any other presidency. There's no question about it," said Feinstein.

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The crowd of protesters were mainly from the "Indivisible" group. While she was speaking inside, protesters were holding up green "Agree" signs and red "Disagree" signs based on her commentary.

"I'm getting little signals. Are the greens good?" Feinstein said in the middle of her remarks.

While the senator got mostly green signed on her policy, the group inside and outside both expressed frustration with the fact that she has no scheduled town hall meetings open to the public.

"She has a responsibility to meet with her people to hear what it is that we have to say and she's completely ignoring us," said Ben Becker, with the People's Town hall Project.

"Will you commit to spending your next recess holding a series of town halls where you devote your time," asked an event attendee.

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Feinstein's response, "I will try to do it based on my schedule."

The protesters also asked senator Feinstein to attend a community meeting they set up for her in Oakland on Sunday, but she declined the invite.

She will return to Washington, D.C. on Sunday.
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