San Francisco's new interim mayor has busy first day on the job

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The first day for San Francisco's newly appointed Interim Mayor was a busy one from the get go with a host of City Hall meetings and his first public appearance.

"Today started like everyday in the Farrell household. Took my kids to school in the morning,'' said Interim Mayor Mark Ferrell.

Then, Farrell hit the ground running meeting his new staff and department heads.

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Among them was Police Chief Bill Scott.

"All of us are committed to just making sure that the people of the city have a good government, so that was the tone," Scott said.

At noon Wednesday he had his first photo-op as mayor - a visit to West Portal where a late night fire shut down several businesses.

There he told reporters about his priorities as mayor. "I will work to make sure that the next six months, every single resident of San Francisco knows they have a mayor who's working for them every single day."

Farrell was appointed after a raucous meeting Tuesday night.

Racially charged comments were shouted from the audience, mostly by supporters of Board President London Breed.

The Supervisors voted 6 to 3 to appoint Farrell as interim mayor, ousting Breed, an announced candidate for mayor in the June election, as acting mayor.

The progressives voted as a block for Farrell, who is termed out and is one of the more conservative members of the board.

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Separation of power, they said was the reason.

They didn't want Breed to be Board President and acting mayor.

Former progressive Supervisor John Avalos says they didn't want Breed to run for mayor as an incumbent.

"Now for the election in June, we have an even playing field for all the candidates to run," Avalos said.

Breed responded to the vote Wednesday. "I am disappointed, but do understand the decision to have separation of power," Breed said.

Farrell, flanked by his wife and children, was sworn in quickly after the vote.

He still has to appoint a successor to his seat on the Board.

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