San Jose mayor proposes new plan to curb gun violence

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- San Jose is working on a plan its elected officials hope will help to curb gun violence. While it is already being criticized by a gun dealer, advocates are supporting the city's efforts as a step forward.

The Mayor wants to stop guns from getting into the wrong hands-- purchased legally but then turned over to others without background checks. It's known as straw purchasing.

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The crackdown would include the video and audio recording of all gun and ammunition transactions, training of gun sales staff to ask specific questions, inventory checks to account for missing guns and bullets, the posting of suicide and domestic violence prevention resources, and a ban on residential sales of guns and ammunition.

That doesn't sit well with some gun advocates calling the move unconstitutional.

The proposed gun safety ordinance is first going to go to the Rules Committee of the City Council, then eventually to the entire City Council for approval, a process that could take an estimated six months.

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