San Francisco women's group inspired by Golden Globes

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The Golden Globes had everyone talking, including the women who meet regularly at The Social Study in San Francisco.

"I've always wanted Oprah for President. I'm going to say that right now," said Harmony Fraga, owner of The Social Study. "She is my hero, one of my heroes."

Fraga and friend Morgan Shidler believe their gatherings, called "That's What She Said," played a small, yet significant part that led to the #MeToo movement and the show of solidarity that followed at Sunday's Golden Globes.

"You feel the paradigm shifting in our room every month and to watch that happen on a national scale is very profound," said Shidler.

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The group meets monthly. No men are allowed. It's a "safe space" where women find support and inspiration from one another. It formed in response to Mr. Trump taking office, and since then invited speakers have been imparting their knowledge. As far as topics, anything goes.

The dozens of women who come to the gatherings say they walk away feeling empowered.

"Outside in the real world, it's really hard for women to really express themselves and not be viewed as one way or the other. But when you come into this room, kind of all that falls away," said Erin Lim, who's been attending the monthly meetings since March.

"That's What She Said" shows no signs of slowing down. The group's mission is to make sure the current display of women empowerment is more than just a moment, but the start of fundamental change.

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