Top CEOs, Republicans reportedly plot to stop Donald Trump in secret meeting

Efforts to derail Donald Trump's presidential campaign have come to Silicon Valley and some big names are getting involved.

They're reportedly hatching a plan to stop Trump from becoming the Republican nominee. But the details are kept under wraps at a secret and very exclusive meeting this past weekend.

Tech CEOs, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, Tesla's Elon Musk and Google's co-founder Larry Page, were there.

According to the Huffington Post, they met with top Republicans and billionaire donors in private on Sea Island, off the coast of Georgia.

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This is the American Enterprise Institute's annual World Forum. The event is private and off the record, but details are starting to leak.

The group feels Trump is too erratic to be the party's nominee and that he needs to be defeated.

They examined how he got this far.

According to the report, Republican Karl Rove presented focus group results to pick apart his weaknesses. It found people don't see him as presidential or someone their kids should look up to.

AEI has held this forum on Sea Island for years.

Last year's event included Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Senator Ted Cruz and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has endorsed Trump.

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