Trump plans immigration action, San Francisco holds steady as sanctuary city

President Donald J. Trump appeared to be keeping his word on several campaign promises Tuesday night. He plans on taking executive action as early as Wednesday on several immigration issues.

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He tweeted:

There is a lot of speculation and concern following that message. White House insiders say President Trump is talking about increasing raids, banning immigration from certain Muslim majority countries and halting visas that are already being processed.

Sources tell ABC news President Trump's crack down on immigration may begin with the signing of executive orders aimed at boosting national security by temporarily banning refugees and suspending visas to anyone from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen.

"This is America," said Billy Alabsi, a Yemeni-American. "And America stands for justice, freedom, and liberty."

Alabsi moved to the United States from Yemen 28 years ago. He recently sponsored his mother-in-law's visa, but now he's worried. "I did not anticipate he would actually harm the immigrant community from these countries."

All of the countries President Trump plans to name have Muslim majorities, which is why those at the council on American-Islamic relations are outraged.

"I did not anticipate he would actually harm the immigrant community from these countries," said Albasi.

Trump plans to announce the construction of a Mexican border wall. A crack down on sanctuary cities, but Tuesday San Francisco's Board of Supervisors strengthened their sanctuary status by agreeing to pay the legal fees of undocumented residents.

"Trump continues to spout words of hate and discrimination and that isn't what San Francisco is about," said San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim.

The city has earmarked $1 million for undocumented residents' legal defense. That money is available now.

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