Veterans say they are being used to win passage of Measure B in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Two veterans walked up to a microphone, flanked by San Jose's Mayor and a council member, to complain that they're being used to win passage of San Jose Measure B on the June 5 ballot. For that reason, they stand against B, which would derail the city's general plan and allow over 900 units of houses to be built in the foothills of Evergreen Valley where multi-million dollar homes sit nearby.

Proponents of Measure B say the project will ease the housing crunch and provide homes for seniors and veterans. Opponents say their reading of the measure doesn't guarantee that.

A campaign manager for Yes on Measure B was standing by at the news conference. He says the developers of Evergreen Senor Homes would be held accountable for their promise of affordable housing for seniors and veterans.

Some analysts says the city would be responsible for traffic mitigation expenses, but proponents say senior housing generates less traffic than traditional developments.

Tito Cortez, one of the veterans who spoke, said the average household income for vets is $59,000 in San Jose. He raised the question how a vet could afford a million dollar house? Andy Benkert, the Yes on B coordinator, said the vets' housing would be rental units.

The proposed development is currently 200 acres of vacant land, much of it bordering Yerba Buena Road.

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