School's "Color Wars" day turns controversial

POLSON, MO -- A number of high school juniors are facing disciplinary action after wearing shirts to school considered by some to spread racist messages.

The shirts were part of Polson High School's Color Wars day as part of their Homecoming Spirit Week.

The students wore white t-shirts with the phrases "White Power" and "White Pride" written on them. At least one shirt was emblazoned with the Confederate Flag.

Photos of the shirts were uploaded to social media sites, eliciting strong reactions.

School officials say the shirts were made for a school competition.

"Throughout this week we had Spirit Week, Homecoming Week. Great activities of different dress-ups throughout the week. Thursday was what we call Color Wars, which is really a class-color competition," said Polson School District Superintendent Rex Weltz.

Each class was given a different color; freshman wore green, sophomores wore blue, seniors wore black and juniors wore white.

Weltz said a list of the colors was available for weeks prior to the activity and that no one saw the potential for racial discrimination. He said this incident will not result in the cancellation of future spirit week activities.

"We had a couple kids who made poor choices," said Weltz. "And really we don't want to pull the activity and the program away for some bad choices."

Weltz reportedly received a number of complaints from people criticizing school faculty for allowing students to wear the shirts, but insists the students were asked to change immediately.

"I'm here to tell you that as soon as the administration knew of the situation it was addressed and a couple of students were pulled in and spoke to and alleviated the concern," Weltz said.

But even after the shirts were removed early Thursday morning, dozens of pictures flooded social media causing outrage online.

Polson High School administrators released a press release on the issue, saying the Color Wars have been a part of Polson's Spirit Week for years and that Thursday's incident was both unprecedented and inexcusable.

They wrote that the Polson School District does not and will not tolerate harassment or discrimination in any form toward any person.

At least two students have been suspended from school following the incident.

KPAX reports that the American Civil Liberties Union of Montana issued a statement in regards to Polson High School's Color Wars, saying: "While all students have First Amendment rights, schools have the authority and the responsibility to prohibit speech that is harmful to other students, and to maintain a safe learning environment. The Confederate flag and slogan 'White Power' are symbols of hate and intolerance."
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