'PORT OUT' SCAM: How thieves could steal your phone number, service

The BBB is warning people about scammers that can steal your phone number and phone service.

Here's how the scam works:
The thief finds out as much personal information as possible about you. Then, they contact your phone provider pretending to be you.

The thieves say your phone was stolen and ask for your phone number to be transferred to another provider and another phone. This is called a "port out."

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Once they do that, they can gain access to your accounts. If you use two-step verification, they can also get those codes.

Here's how to prevent this from happening to you:
Ask your cellphone provider about adding more verification before you authorize a port out.

If your phone suddenly switches to "emergency call service only," that means your number is being transferred to another phone.

If this happens, call your cell phone provider immediately.
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