Pot festivals could be headed to SoCal fairgrounds

RIVERSIDE, Calif. -- With the passage of Prop 64 last year, voters decided to legalize marijuana in California. Now, the state legislature is wrestling with exactly how to make that happen.

Assembly Bill 110 passed California's Senate Thursday. Part of that means the possibility of legalizing weed festivals at some local, state-owned fairgrounds.

Lee works at a Countryside Meds, which is a medical marijuana dispensary.

She said she thinks weed festivals would be a good idea because it would give people a place to legally buy marijuana, and then smoke it out of public view.

"If there's a place to medicate, but out of public view, I think people would literally love that," she said.

Around town, Eyewitness News found support for the plan.

"I'm pretty sure a lot of people are happy about this, and quite frankly I'm happy about it too, because if it helps people get better, why not?" said John Fredericks of Riverside.

But there are those who don't feel it's a good idea.

"All I've seen is pretty bad things with drugs and legalization. I'm sorry. I hope nobody's mad at me," said Tammy McKinney of Riverside.

AB 110 would not apply to the Los Angeles County Fair campus in Pomona and other venues that are not state-owned.

L.A. County Fair officials told Eyewitness News they are privately owned and do not have plans to host pot festivals.
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