Private internet browsing won't protect you as much as you think

ByDiane Wilson and Tonya Simpson KGO logo
Wednesday, September 25, 2019
What does private browsing do for protection?
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A look at what private browsing actually means.

Private browsing options can help you hide your internet history from your family or roommate, but those incognito options might not offer as much protection as you think.

Most internet browsers offer an option to turn off history tracking and browse privately. Chrome calls it "Incognito," on Internet Explorer, it's "InPrivate," and Firefox and Safari offer "Private Browsing."

According to PC Mag, many people think private browsing will hide their history and protect them from viruses and ads, but that is not the case.

Most viruses and malware can cause problems regardless of your browsing mode. For example, if you download an attachment from a phishing email while you're in private mode that virus can still install itself on your computer.

The best protection against viruses and malware is antivirus software. You should also remember to never click on links or attachments in suspicious emails.