An arresting promposal

LARKSPUR, Calif. (KGO) -- Let's talk about awkward teenage moments.

How about Zach Werner showing his girlfriend Kira Samson a video of his close encounter with Corte Madera Police?

"So they started searching the car," he tried to explain.

"Keep your hands in your pockets," says the officer on tape.

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The timing couldn't be more 'perfect' for a couple with big plans. "Prom is going to be a lot of fun, tomorrow," said Kira.

And the video is part of it. Ever hear of a propmosal?

The video, which includes police body cam footage, plays a large role.

"I don't know how proposals started, but they have become more elaborate as time goes on," said Kira.

They're juniors at Redwood High School in Larkspur. They have been a couple for more than a year. But, Junior Prom brings in a new level of experience, and maybe pressure.

"I wanted to make it unforgettable and fun to do," said Zach

"I didn't expect much, " added Kira with a sarcastic roll of the eye.

To make it happen, Zach asked for help from the Central Marin Police, who told us that they liked the idea of showing their fun side.

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Zach arranged for them to share body cam footage and to take him into custody outside of Kira's house. "Then three cars pull up and 'I think what is happening!?'"

They asked her to identify him...and that's when Zach asked her.

The video records abig hug.

Zach's proposal won a school contest for best promposal, and free tickets.

We did have one more question. "So if he were really arrested would you support him?"

"Yeah," said Kira. "I would probably support him. Depends on what he did..."

How's that for creating a great prom memory before it happens.

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