California voters reject measure on condom use in porn films

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California voters have rejected Proposition 60, which would have required actors to use condoms in porn films.

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Prop. 60 condoms in porn: This measure also creates new licensing requirements, as well as testing, vaccinations and medical exams of performers. It allows producers and talent agents to be sued if they violate the law.

Los Angeles County already passed a similar law, Measure B, in 2012.

Supporters, including healthcare activists and some porn performers, argued the measure would protect the health of actors and prevent producers from taking advantage

Opponents, including civil rights groups and a porn performer organization, said the measure would create a "lawsuit bonanza" by allowing anyone in California to sue people who produce and distribute adult films, even for example, married couples who make videos in their own homes.

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