Sticky note protest art enables San Francisco voters to share thoughts

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- An art project spreading across the nation protesting President-elect Donald Trump is now in San Francisco, after first popping up in Oakland over the weekend.

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It's made out of sticky notes.

It's called the Wall of Empathy and it's participatory protest art. That means the artists are folks that happen to walk by and write a message.

The organizers are urging people to write about their emotions after last week's election results as a type of collective therapy.

A lot of messages we saw were messages of inclusion or some of the hashtags that have gone viral across social media and in numerous protests nationwide.

Messages like: "All lives matter" or "love trumps hate."

"Right now a lot of people are very upset about the outcome of the election," said one participant Rhonda Jarrar. "And now more than ever it's important for us as a community to come together to make sure we're moving forward and making progress instead of regressing."

Organizers say the Post-It notes are meant to support groups targeted by President-elect Trump's campaign rhetoric. It was inspired by a similar project in New York.

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You'll see the Post-It notes at the Montgomery Street, 16th Street and 23th Street BART stations and in Oakland on Grand Avenue.
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