QUICK TIP: PayPal, clergy, and the post office -- 3 new email impostor scams to watch out for

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Have you heard about the three latest scams making the rounds? Michael Finney has another 7 On Your Side Quick Tip for you!

The first one comes from PayPal. It's an email and it says they are concerned there's some suspicious activity in your account. All you have to do is give them some personal information and it'll get things fixed up -- so don't fall for that. Any time an email wants your personal information, you should simply contact the agency, the group, the company directly to see if there's actually been a problem.

The second one is the clergy scam. It's been in Protestant churches for quite some time. Now, it's moved over to rabbis. You get an email that says they're helping out some local people and they need some gift cards. Don't fall for it. Call your house of worship directly and see if they need your help.

And then the third one comes from the postmaster general. You'll receive an email that says they have deep concerns because they've got a package that's worth about $100,000 and they want to deliver it to you, but they need some information. The postmaster general is not contacting you. He doesn't need information, and there's no one $100,000 package. So anytime you're asked for a gift card or it seems to good to be true, you know the answer -- it is.

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