QUICK TIP: How do you turn off your natural gas after a quake?

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- After an earthquake, do you know how to turn off the natural gas? Michael Finney has another 7 On Your Side quick tip for you -- a quick tip that could actually end up saving your life!

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You must turn off the natural gas following a quake, otherwise you could end up with a major fire. Fire is what causes the majority of damage after an earthquake.

You turn off the gas by finding the switch on the top of the meter. This is how you turn off and on natural gas. The knob going up-and-down means the gas is on; the knob needs to be turned flat (perpendicular to the ground) to be shut off.

Generally, you can turn the knob with your fingers -- but not always. So, you should have a wrench hanging next to your meter. They make specialty wrenches, but you don't need them -- an adjustable wrench, like a crescent wrench is just fine. But make sure you put that near your meter, and most importantly, that you find your meter before the next quake.

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