Student involved in racially-targeted graffiti at San Ramon high school disciplined

SAN RAMON, Calif. (KGO) -- There's been a break in the investigation of racially-targeted graffiti in an East Bay school.

One student has been disciplined as staff narrows the search for other students involved. Police are involved as well and are investigating these incidents as crimes of vandalism.

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Meanwhile, the school held an emergency of parents and staff centered around what can done around district policy to address these hateful messages. Some are calling for swift and serious discipline.

There have been five incidents of racially derogatory graffiti in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District, four of them at Cal High School. Racial slurs were scrawled on bathroom walls.

The pain was searing for students who see it as a threat.

"I can't even explain to you what it feels like to come to a campus that I have loved for four years and not feel safe and I run a club of 150 kids who don't feel safe, that are Muslim, that are LGBTQ plus, that are women," said Alanah Winston, a high school student.

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The consequences are not clear.

"I know what happens if I come to school with a shirt that shows my bra strap. I know what happens if I hit somebody, but I don't know what happens if I'm writing hateful things on the wall, or if I'm throwing racial slurs at people," Winston said.

A student has been disciplined for the first incident, but strict privacy rules keep the district from saying much.

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"Often times that's not only because we're trying to protect the rights of the student, we're maybe also protecting the investigation too," said Elizabeth Graswich, a district spokesperson.

Parent Landon Edmond says suspension is not enough.

"You bring a knife to school, you're automatically in line for expulsion. Now, there is certainly due process that goes along with that as a component and I don't see that there's any difference here," said Landon Edmond, a parent of a Cal High School student.

Students are now on Thanksgiving break. Staff will take the time to come up with a plan for their return on Nov. 28.
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