Raiders fans wearing rose-colored glasses with Las Vegas move looming

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The season opener is a happy day for Oakland Raiders fans, but also brings dark clouds with the team's pending move to Las Vegas in 2020, and a threatened lawsuit looming against the team by the City of Oakland for lost income.

"Raiders," sang a group of fans in a chorus. They may be crying later because old habits and loves die hard. How do they spin it? "A lame duck relationship is what you're talking about," said fan Andy Coronado.

"Can't look at it in a negative way. They haven't left yet. They're still here," added Andy Rea.

We're talking rose colored glasses, Raiders style. But, nobody's blind.

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If a team and its fans ever needed a relationship counselor, these are them.

"It's like being the jilted lover," said Esteban Guzman. "Your wife tells you she wants a divorce. But he doesn't have a house yet, then I will go live with them."

It rings true. These aren't just fans. Raider Nation feels like a family.

We asked longtime fan Victoria Popejoy about that. "If your husband treated you the way the Raiders have, would you be together?" Her response? "I would be gone."

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