North Bay residents warned of possible flooding during storm

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- As the first big storm of the season moves in, people in North Bay fire zone are closely watching the rain due to possible flooding.

Some neighbors are warned to be ready to evacuate because of the looming threat of flooding.

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Cross Creek Road is still closed as the pipe under the road was damaged by the fire, and this has some residents in the area worried.

On Tuesday, crews tried to beat the storm and remove a plastic storm pipe that was melted by the fires.

Officials are worried sinkholes could develop over the damaged pipe, and are also concerned there could be mudslides on the burned hillsides, so residents have been told to be prepared to evacuate.
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With snow in the Sierra comes a race to open ski resorts as soon as a week from Wednesday. Resorts are working together to keep patrons safe.

"We saw the people with the cameras looking at the storm system drains and everything like that. We hope our home is fine. But it is what it is, we can't control that. We hope for the best, but let me tell you, we learned about the go bag concept," Santa Rosa resident Lisa Tito said.

Some residents told ABC7 News their bags are packed and are ready to go if an evacuation is ordered.

City crews said they will monitor the hillsides Wednesday and will be looking for mudslides during the storm.

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