Retired Houston teacher says Good Samaritans gave her $140 to pay for groceries

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Thursday, September 6, 2018
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A veteran and three other men came to the rescue when a woman's debit card suddenly stopped working at a Pearland grocery store.

PEARLAND, Texas -- Barbara Barbin is a retired teacher who spends her free time sketching and playing the piano.

She's also a woman of faith who believes no matter how bad the world may seem there is a lot of good out there too.

"People are kind in general," she said.

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Barbara told Eyewitness News about what happened to her this past week when she was at a Walmart in Pearland with her 13-year-old grandson, who is legally blind.

"I was just overwhelmed then as I am now, and I was grateful and thankful," she said. "I was there getting groceries."

However, when she went to swipe her card, it was not approved. She admits she was a little embarrassed and worried.

"(I told the cashier) let me go to the teller machine to try to see if I can get it to work," she said.

But she said God had a plan and that her angels were right there when she needed them.

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"A gentleman walked up behind me and put $140 in my hand to pay for groceries," she said.

Standing there in line behind her were about four men who decided to get some cash together.

"I said, 'Oh my gosh, that was so kind,'" she said.

It was just enough to pay for her groceries and even an extra $20 to get some gas.

"In times like this, me being a black woman, they were four white men," she said. "They just came up because they felt the need."

One of those men was a veteran who told her he had been there before and just wanted to help.

"I'm just overwhelmed and thankful. They reflect the kindness that was meant by God," she said.

Barbara would love to find them and pay them back, but even if she doesn't see them, she hopes that by sharing her story people will know you are never alone especially when you need it most.

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