2 million Californians issued Real IDs now need to show extra documentation

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Monday, December 24, 2018
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The Department of Homeland Security has notified the DMV its process for giving these IDs is not adequate.

FRESNO, Calif. -- A potential disaster is brewing for more than 2 million Californians who have already been issued a Real ID.

The Department of Homeland Security has notified the DMV that its process for providing residents with federally recognized identification cards is not adequate.

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Because of the inadequacies, those who have received those cards will now have to submit additional documentation to validate their cards.

State Assemblyman Jim Patterson has continually criticized the DMV for its handling of the new IDs and says this is just another example of the department letting Californians down.

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DMV officials say the cards will be sufficient in the meantime but changes to the validation process will be implemented next spring.

Real IDs will be needed to board airplanes or enter federal buildings by October 2020.

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