Fremont police say brothers ripped off at least five property owners

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- Investigators say Mohammed Qadir and Habibullah Qadir would attempt to lease single-family houses in high-end neighborhoods in Fremont.

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With each landlord, one or both men, submitted false or counterfeit IDs, employment, and financial status in order to be granted each rental.

Police say the brothers wrote bad checks for rent and security deposits.

In the meantime, they moved into each residence, usually with their elderly parents.

They were never paid any rent and the landlords were forced to evict them while they remained in the properties rent-free, for months at a time.

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In each case, the Qadirs and family fled the residence just before they were physically removed by authorities. Police say they sometimes took the landlord's appliances with them and left the property trashed.

Police say at least five landlords fell victim to the scam.

Each landlord suffered significant financial loss, adding up to more $120,000.

The Alameda County District Attorney's office issued arrest warrants for the brothers and they were taken into custody. Mohammed faces nearly 30 felony charges. Habibullah faces about 15 counts.

The charges are related to identity theft, fraud and financial crimes.

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