South Bay mom-to-be stressed by new home construction delays

MILPITAS, Calif. (KGO) -- Permitting and construction delays pushed back the move-in date for a South Bay couple looking to close on their first home. When they tried to extend the lease on their apartment, the landlord refused -- so they contacted 7 On Your Side and my team got to work.

The first time mom giggled as her baby smiled.

Life is good for mom Anuradha, 8-week old Shania and dad Pratik Shah.

They're a lot less stressed now that Shania has arrived and that they have moved into their brand new home in Milpitas.

For three years, they had been living here in the Bella Vista Apartments in Santa Clara.

They were scheduled to move to their new home back in April. But construction delays pushed back that date several times.

"As soon as we found out this house was going to be delayed further, we went back to them, which was 29 days before our lease was to expire, asking for an extension and that's when they denied the extension," said the new dad, Pratik.

He asked his apartment management two more times for a lease extension. But each time it was denied because he was told his unit had been scheduled for renovation.

"The stress was so big. Oh, my God. We might have to move with my pregnant belly. I can deliver anytime," said Anuradha.

The couple considered renting another apartment or even living temporarily in a hotel. The idea did not seem practical.

"We would have to pack up everything from our old apartment, set up things in our new apartment, and then with the baby coming..." thought Pratik.

"Do we want to do that? Do we want to move so? Oh, my God. It was too stressful at that time," said Auradha.

Her boss suggested she contact 7 On Your Side.

They did and we contacted the Bella Vista Apartments.

The very next day, the family was informed their lease had been extended another month.

Shania was born shortly after that and the family moved into their new home three weeks later.

"Just a big thank you. Without this, I don't know how the whole pregnancy and baby would have worked out," said Pratik

Despite several requests, the apartment manager did not get back to us with a comment.

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