Red-tagged, storm-damaged Lafayette home priced at $830,000

LAFAYETTE, Calif. (KGO) -- From the air it's a scene right out of a horror movie, especially if you're the homeowner. It's a huge landslide that makes it appear the house in Lafayette above it is about to fall into the abyss, a situation so precarious, an ominous red sign adorns the front door. It's the kind that reads "unsafe to enter."

"It's different, but I like challenges," said realtor Valerie Crowell, who has the home at 21 Chapel Road listed as-is for $830,000.

She went on to say, "There are always people who are going to look and say 'no way,' but I'm looking for the people who look and say 'there's a way.'"

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There's a massive red tag sale happening in Lafayette. That is, it's a red-tagged house for sale with a massive slide in the back. All for just $830,000.

Crowell says she has secured a bid for the landslide repair of $223,000. The master bedroom to the rear of the house is damaged. Other than that, Crowell says, "In the greater scheme of things, it's minor. The rest of the house just needs a regular old update."

"I honestly don't know what to think," said neighbor Inga Stiles with a chuckle. Her lot just below 21 Chapel was slightly damaged by the slide. Stiles told us she hopes the one that's listed will sell, but adds, "I don't really know how it can."

Crowell believes it can and it will, especially in Lafayette, where the median home price is $1.4 million.

"My buyer's a developer somewhere and it's just a matter of finding him, " she explained. "So it's somebody who understands the value of land in Lafayette and understands they'll come in, put some money into it and then flip it back out."

It's a project that's certainly not for the faint of heart, and one that elevates the term "fixer-upper" to a whole new level.

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