Statewide protests take place calling for a stop on all rent increases

Protestors across California took to the streets to rally for a lofty goal, a moratorium on all rent increases.

Protesters for affordable housing took their demands straight to the source-- they confronted a property manager at a complex in Concord.

Residents say people here are evicted for no reason.

"Families here are being evicted without cause and these are families who have been paying on time their rent every month," said Edith Pamaros, a protestor.

Despite the sign out front reading "Open", the manager would not come out.

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Demonstrators in Pleasant Hill marched to Pacific Properties to drop off a letter for the California Apartment Association.

They want the group to support repealing the Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which puts limits on rent control.

Dolores Ramos and her daughter joined the protest. They live crammed in a crowded apartment where some people sleep on couches and some smoke.

"And it's not healthy for the kids," said Ramos.

"We want to keep this push to make sure our neighborhoods are affordable quality living without any retaliation coming down from landlords just because people are trying to stand up for their rights," said Melvin Willis a Richmond City Councilmember.

The CAA released a statement, saying activists should shift their focus to building more housing.

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