UC Berkeley student evicted from Hayward trailer

HAYWARD, Calif. (KGO) -- Ismael Chamu is in a tight spot -- figuratively and literally. He's been living in a tiny trailer barely big enough for one, and he's not alone.

"The rents here in the Bay Area are extraordinary. On top of that, my father losing his job, losing his employment," said Chamu.

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He has been sharing the space with his parents, two sisters, and brother while he attends U.C. Berkeley.

"This camper is not connected to a sewage system and I have no heating and I was living here with my entire family," Chamu added.

As of Wednesday morning, the family is without even the sub-par roof over their heads.

The homeowners are evicting them. They didn't want to be identified, but the so-called landlords told ABC7 News they agreed to let Chamu live in their trailer for two weeks as a favor to a friend at church.

They said it's been nearly three months and he's never paid rent.

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"And now he's saying we treat him bad, that he's given us money," said the homeowner. "What money? Trying to do something good, to help someone became a nightmare for us."
Chamu said he answered an advertisement for a trailer for rent and has been paying $650 per month.

"I wouldn't be living somewhere without paying rent," Chamu said. "That's a little absurd."

Bad blood aside, they received this notice from the City of Hayward stating no one is allowed to live in the trailer. Chamu said it speaks to the bigger picture.

"I'm just one case, right, of many in the Bay Area where people and families do not have a place to live," Chamu told ABC7 News.

He hopes his story keeps people talking about the need for affordable housing.

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