Recalled infant sleepers still in use at some daycare facilities, study finds

EVANSTON, Ill. -- Despite recalls involving millions of infant sleepers, some which caused dozens of deaths, a recent report found several daycare facilities nationwide are still using them.

The study raises new questions about childcare safety.

Many watchful eyes are needed to take care of the babies at the Infant Welfare Society of Evanston's baby toddler nursery. And as if keeping up with the active little ones doesn't keep the staff busy enough, they also have to keep up with what products are safe.

The site director posts a recall alert on a bulletin board in the facility.

"Yes, we checked our sleepers, definitely," said Pam Staples, nursery employee. "There was nothing that we had so we are compliant and able to move forward."

Staples said they pulled some infant seats a few years ago after getting a different recall alert.

"The alerts can come through your phone, you can get them on your computer, just get those alerts, better be safe than sorry," she said.

A new study found one in 10 daycare facilities still had recalled infant incline sleepers nationwide. Kids in Danger co-authored the study, which reported 32 infants died while using the recalled sleepers.

"There were cases where the baby can flip out and tip it," Nancy Cowles of Kids in Danger explained.
Cowles urged parents considering daycare to find out how their chosen facility stays current with recalls.

"I would ask your childcare provider, whether you are interviewing a new one or even your current one, if you haven't raised it before, what do they do to make sure they don't have recalled products," she said. "We really haven't found childcare providers that want to have these products, but they just haven't heard about the recalls."

The folks at the Infant Welfare Society in Evanston are ready for those conversations.

"We get notifications when there are recalls and pull things immediately and certainly just classroom vigilance," said Stephen Vick, Infant Welfare Society of Evanston.

"These are not our children, these are other families' children, so we definitely have to protect them from anything that's unsafe," Staples said.

To sign up for recall alerts from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, click here.

For more information about Kids in Danger and their recall alerts, click here.
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