Body of Tehama shooting suspects wife found under floorboards

RED BLUFF, Calif. (KGO) -- There are disturbing new details about that deadly shooting spree in the small Northern California community of Rancho Tehama Reserve.

Investigators say they've discovered a 5th victim, the gunman's wife's body under the floorboards.

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An attorney who used to represent Kevin Neal says he was fired several weeks ago after his client began displaying "bizarre behavior."

Attorney Leo Barone says the behavior of Kevin Neal wasn't violent but strange enough to stand out. He declined to discuss details.

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Barone says he first represented Neal several years ago in a road-rage case that prosecutors dropped before it went to trial.

Barone also represented Neal in February when a judge barred him from having guns after he was charged with stabbing a neighbor.

The attorney said Neal should have been unable to legally purchase guns because of the court order.

The superintendent of a small Northern California school said years of practicing lockdowns paid off when a gunman on a killing rampage charged on to school grounds.

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Corning Union Elementary School District Superintendent Richard Fitzpatrick said Wednesday the drill went exactly as practiced.

He said many more children could have been hurt or killed after Kevin Janson Neal started shooting at classrooms and the school office. One child was hospitalized with gunshot wounds and is expected to survive.

Fitzpatrick said staff heard initial gunshots and quickly realized "something was dreadfully wrong."

He said details of the lockdown process are confidential, but it was carried out in less than two minutes.

A district custodian said Janson tried repeatedly to get into a kindergarten classroom before giving up.

The head of the maintenance department for a Northern California school district says a heroic custodian rushed straggling kids inside before a gunman could reach them, yelling "get into the classrooms."

Randy Morehouse with the Corning Union Elementary School District says the gunman tried repeatedly to get into a kindergarten classroom and fired into the room before he ran off to reload.

Morehouse described a harrowing scene as he walked around the playground at Rancho Tehama Elementary School.

Some windows of tan portables were boarded up Wednesday, a day after Kevin Janson Neal shot up the elementary school, which has about 100 students in kindergarten to fifth grade.

Two officers shot and killed Neal.

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