Red Flag Warning increases staffing levels at area fire departments

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- We spoke with a group of campers, in Tamalpais State Park in Marin County, who are on a mission.

A red flag warning is forcing them to put their fire out soon.

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Camper Tommy Bradas said, "Right now for the next three hours we'll do a cooking marathon make dinner, then make breakfast, seal it all up, get it in the cooler, get everything done."

His friend Joseph Seiberling said, "It kind of sucks that we can't have a fire and we have to make all of our food now."

The high wind at higher altitudes is the reason for the warning, which also forced the closure of several roads in the park.

Marin County Fire has upped staffing as well.

Marin County Fire Department Captain Anthony Garibaldi said, "This time of year in October we do see our highest risk of fires with rapid growth in the North Bay especially the coastal area due to fuel moisture being at its lowest points."

The red flag warning has stretched into parts of the East Bay.

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In Danville, a four acre, wind driven fire threatened homes near Gwen Court before noon.

San Ramon Valley Fire Protection District Battalion Chief Dan McNamara said, "The only property damage was to some of the fence lines where our fire engines stopped the fire from progressing past the fence lines."

And in Oakland's Oakmore neighborhood, dozens turned out to clear brush that could ignite this fire season.

Volunteer Jaime Ramirez said, "We want to alleviate any possibility of fires coming up this season in the homes that are here behind us."
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