Tour Marin County school recently reopened for in-person learning

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Tuesday, September 15, 2020
Tour Marin Co. school reopened for in-person instruction
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Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy in Marin County recently reopened for in-person classes amid the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic. Principal David Finnane gave ABC7 News a tour of the campus and explained the new safety protocols.

MARIN CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- As California allows some schools to reopen for in-person learning, one school in Marin County recently received a waiver to welcome students back into the classroom on Monday.

Principal David Finnane from Bayside Martin Luther King Jr. Academy in Marin City gave ABC7 News a tour of the campus and explained new health protocols to keep teachers and students safe amid the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic.

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At Bayside MLK Academy, Finnane said 83 students ranging from TK to eighth grade will be back in classrooms by Tuesday. 17 students opted for distance learning.

At ABC7 News at 3 p.m., Finnane gave a walk-through, showing what it's like to enter the campus.

First, teachers will scan a QR code to fill check in and fill out a questionnaire on their health. For students, they will stop by a station to receive hand sanitizer, a mask if they don't have one and to get their temperature checked. The students will also answer questions such as:

"In the last 48 hours have you had any of the following: fever chills, body ache cough?"

"In the last 14 days have you been within six feet of somebody for more than 5 minutes who is or was sick with COVID?"

Lastly, "Are you ready to have a great day at Bayside?"

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Finanne said the first day went "incredible." Although, the younger students needed many reminders to keep their face masks on and above their noses.

The campus floors were taped with shapes and lines to remind students to stay six feet apart for social distancing. Arrows for one-way hallways were also marked.

PE, art and music classes will resume next week, and the teachers will teach from a distance, Finanne said.

If someone tests positive for COVID-19, Finnane said the cohort will shutdown for 14 days and will work closely with the county to conduct contact tracing.

Marin County is currently listed as purple, which is the worst category on the state's 4-tier reopening blueprint, indicating widespread coronavirus transmission.

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