With Authority: John Force is With Us, Battle Of The Bay, Raiders Cold Feet

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Episode 20! Are they really still letting us do this?

He goes 330 miles an hour and jokes that he works 4 seconds a day.

A chat with hot rod legend John Force, coming off his record-setting 150th win.

After 2 Bay Bridge series games, are the A's or Giants going to make the playoffs? No split caps. We choose a side when discussing which team is better.

TVs inside giant TVs! Our favorite features from a sneak peek of the Chase Center during the media blackout. We couldn't take pictures or video, so we took mental notes.

Antonio Brown is human nitroglycerine. Will he blow up on the Raiders?

And this episode almost didn't happen. You're going to need to stay til the end for the OUTTAKES from our ridiculous giggle fit.

"With Authority" Podcast - Episode 20 - Recorded August 14, 2019
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