Study finds Bay Area leads the nation in rough roadways

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Bay Area drivers are experiencing a rough ride. A newly released report says road conditions in San Francisco and Oakland are among the worst in the nation. And San Jose isn't far behind.

This is based on freeways, highways, and major arteries like Sloat Boulevard, and the results aren't all that surprising especially for people who drive on these roads every day.

"I commute from San Francisco to Berkeley everyday, so just everything it just seems like everything's falling apart," said San Francisco resident Miguel Rivas.

A newly released study says 71 percent of the major roads in San Francisco-Oakland are considered poor, making it number one among major cities for worst road conditions. San Jose ranked third.

"The city of Oakland is an older city, San Francisco is an older city. All of these roads were built many years ago. They need to be completely repaired, in some cases replaced," said Randy Rentschler of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

The study was conducted by Trip based out of Washington D.C. The transportation research group says bad roads can cost motorists nearly a thousand dollars a year in tire wear, vehicle depreciation and repairs, amounting to what they consider a hidden tax.

"So we want to make sure that they understand that it's not just a nuisance to hit a pothole, it's having a real financial impact," said TRIP associate director Carolyn Bonifas.

State leaders have yet to devise a plan to pay for a major overhaul of the roads. A gas tax has been talked about. But for now, it's a bumpy road ahead for Bay Area motorists.
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