Report: Cost to repair Highway 35 to surpass $29.5 million

SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS, Calif. (KGO) -- Record-breaking storms this past winter will now cost California record-breaking money in repairs. The single most expensive job is right here in the Bay Area.

A section of Skyline Boulevard in the Santa Cruz Mountains, also known as Highway 35, slid downhill back in February.

It's estimated to cost more than $29.5 million to fix, but Caltrans said they're working on several designs before they get a firm dollar amount.

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There were several washouts and slides up Black Road and all that damage is going to add up to a lot of money in repairs. PG&E has Black Road closed as they do repairs.

The LA Times is reporting state officials are estimating it will cost $860 million to repair the roads, bridges and highways in California damaged during the winter weather.

Over the weekend, FEMA announced they're going to help pay for some of the repairs but there's no word on how much money that will be.

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