Hooded robbers steal laptop in 2nd theft at Alameda Starbucks

ALAMEDA, Calif. (KGO) -- A warning if you're heading to Starbucks to get some work done.

The coffee chain is warning customers to be on alert after the second strong-armed robbery at an Alameda store, in less than two weeks.

The latest attack happened Saturday night at a Starbucks on Atlantic Avenue and Webster Street.

A cartoon animator was working on a project when four people in hoodies burst through the door.

"They just start heading right toward me. And I just couldn't believe it was happening. And then suddenly, he just grabs my laptop right out of my hand, knocks the drink over, and he's out the door with it. I gotta start over. I gotta get new software, and I have to get a new computer, and I think Starbucks owes me that," said Gene Hamm, the theft victim.

On July 18, two customers had their laptops taken inside the Starbucks on Park Street in Alameda.

Starbucks tells ABC7 News it's working with local authorities on both investigations, adding the safety of customers and employees is a top priority.
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