Projections of Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly let you relive concert experience

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Music fans can now relive a concert experience with two of the most iconic figures in rock and roll history, long after their deaths.

Legendary singer Roy Orbison appeared as a projection, created by Base Hologram, using a body double and video mapping-- in what's being called the Rock and Roll dream Tour.

"I liken it to sitting in a movie theater, watching Marilyn Monroe in 'Some Like It Hot' or Jimmy Stewart in 'Rear Window.' Those people are passed, but you're watching them and enjoying their performances, and that's what this is," said Marty Tudor, CEO Base Hologram Production.

The concert experience features Orbison and Buddy Holly.

Orbison died in 1988 at age 52, just as he was experiencing a rebirth in his career. Holly died in a plane crash in 1959 at just 22.

The Rock and Roll Dream Tour featuring the two premieres Thursday at the Palace of Fine arts in San Francisco.
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