Artist uses his signature message of love to help others

LOS ANGELES -- Muralist and activist Ruben Rojas is spreading a message of love while helping others.

"To be able to use my art to give insight and to give something that someone can wear to support a good cause to feed people and clothe people and take care of some of the problems that are on our everyday streets that's one of my responsibilities to support and help any way that I can," explains Rojas.

Rojas is known for weaving the mission statement "live through love" into his works. The artist uses urban landscapes as backdrops to spread messages of love and acceptance, inspiring communities to take a more positive outlook on life.

Rojas has designed a t-shirt featuring his signature "love" that is helping to raise money for Feed SoCal.

"The best thing we can do is be of service and provide our gifts and our talents for other causes bigger than ourselves," Rojas added.