Ryan Reynolds promotes new 'Aviation Gin' with some help from Central California church

FRESNO, Calif. -- One of the biggest stars and biggest jokesters in Hollywood is now in the "gin" business, much to the delight of a Fresno church.

"Deadpool" star Ryan Reynolds released a tongue-in-cheek new ad for his company "Aviation Gin" on his Twitter page today.

He describes the gin-making process with a sense of humor as dry as some of the gin he's pitching.

In the video, he also claims it even has "spiritual" support from right here in the Valley.

"The reason some people don't drink gin is that strong juniper taste," said Reynolds. "So, after apologizing to each berry individually, we beat the living hell out of them. To ensure that heavenly taste, every bottle of Aviation is ordained by the Unitarian Church of Fresno, California."

The video, which has already racked up close to a million views, shows a reverend blessing the bottles of gin, but it wasn't the real leader of the Fresno Unitarian Universalist Church.

That would be Rev. Tim Kutzmark. He says he didn't even know about the ad until a few members saw it on Twitter, but he gives it his blessing.

"I just laughed a lot," said Kutzmark. "It just made me think, Jesus turned water into wine, now the Unitarian Universalists are helping Ryan Reynolds turn water into boutique gin."

Kutzmark says he would love to have Reynolds come visit Fresno and maybe even host a gin-tasting at the church.
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