11-year-old California girl saves friend with CPR

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Thursday, October 2, 2014
Skylar Berry and a CPR mannequin
Skylar Berry thinks everyone should know CPR.

SACRAMENTO COUNTY (KGO) -- An 11-year-old girl is passing on an important lesson to her classmates, just days after she saved a life.

Skylar Berry thinks everyone should know CPR. She's passing on her knowledge to her friends in Rio Linda, near Sacramento.

The sixth-grader put her skills to the test over the weekend when a friend when underwater and didn't come back up.

"I checked his pulse and I was like, there's no pulse. So I started the CPR," Berry said.

"It was pretty cool. I've never seen an 11-year-old do CPR on another kid. It was just so relieving," 12-year-old David Baltzley said.

The boy recovered thanks to Berry's CPR. She learned it just a few weeks ago at a summer camp put on by the local fire station.

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