Maggie the dog masters sea legs on fishing boat near San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Maggie the sailor dog is making big waves on social media after new video captured the Welsh terrier adapting to her new life in the open water.

Kale Pixey shared this video on Instagram.

It shows Maggie on a boat, mastering her sea legs near San Francisco.

Hold on, Maggie!

Pixey is a commercial fisherman. He says he inherited Maggie from his grandpa and was determined to integrate her into his life.

Pixey told Storyful he was careful when it came to introducing her to water. He took her out on small boats on the lakes and rivers of Alaska, where he lives. Impressed with how Maggie coped, Pixey began bringing her on larger boats.

He says Maggie loved her first crabbing trip and has proven to be a real salty dog.
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