AC Transit prepping for new Salesforce Transit Center

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- AC Transit drivers are already making making practice runs into the new Salesforce Transit Center, getting ready to whisk transbay riders not just into a new terminal, but also a new commuting experience.

"This is an amazing accomplishment. This is no ordinary bus terminal, this a transit center like no other," says spokesman Robert Lyles.

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Lyles says the first thing many commuters will notice are the digital pylons at each bus bay.

"It has touch screen information. So riders can actually walk up, choose their bus line, look at a map and gather up-to-date information."

Riders will now also glide from the Bay Bridge over crowded city streets on a new cable bus ramp leading to and from the terminal, cutting as much as five minutes from the commute.

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At midnight Saturday, AC Transit will transition from its current temporary transit center located a few blocks away. The agency already has ambassadors on site to inform riders about the change and answer any questions. And maybe entice them with details of a new terminal with its rooftop garden just steps away.

"We are just one flight down from this 5.4-acre park. And the park features all these various biospheres that will ultimately have eateries. It's a fully combined experience," says Lyles.

AC Transit says the new terminal will also give them expanded capacity, from 13,000 weekday riders, up to as many as 24,000.

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