What is gay marriage? Kids share thoughts on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015
These kids had some pretty straight-forward answers when asked about same-sex marriage.
Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

How do you talk to your kids about same-sex marriage?

It's a question many parents are asking, especially now that it is legal in all 50 states. Jimmy Kimmel Live! decided to ask kids on the street simple questions about the issue, and they gave some pretty straight-forward, yet hilarious, answers.

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The kids were asked open-ended questions like, "What is gay marriage?"

"Um, it's when two men and two women get married," one little girl said.

Some answers were detailed and many were totally honest. One kid said, "I know nothing about that yet."

When asked why two people would even want to get married in the first place, one boy had a response that the audience was not ready for:

"Because they're pregnant."

Another had a sweet answer to the same question: "Because they love each other and they just feel a connection."

When asked about their own marriages, their answers were pretty unified: Yuck!

"When you get married, the other person is entitled to any money the other person has," one boy explained as to why he didn't want to get married. Another asserted that she plans to get married at age 30.

Inevitably, some of the kids had very literal responses. When asked when two people should get married, one boy responded, "In like, the afternoon."