San Francisco has emergency response plan in case of nuclear attack

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Experts say the chances of North Korea being able to target San Francisco with a nuclear warhead are still low because they haven't tested their intercontinental ballistic missiles with the weight of a nuclear warhead.

However, if worst case scenario there is a nuclear attack, San Francisco officials would turn to the city's emergency response plan. It's a blueprint to manage all types of disasters and includes guidance for health, law enforcement and fire fighting.

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"Assessing the radiological levels in the city, assessing medical needs, assessing population needs, whether need shelter or need to evacuate," said Francis Zamora, from the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.

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So what should you do if there's a nuclear alert? Get inside, preferably in a basement, or room without windows or heavily reinforced building. Lie flat on the ground and cover your head, wait -- the shock wave could take 30 seconds to hit. Do not look at the flash because it can blind you. Remain sheltered in place until it is safe to evacuate.

If you are exposed to radioactive contamination, remove the outer layer of clothing and shower if possible

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