San Francisco Homeless Project offers health services, supplies

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Cold temperatures are a reminder of how difficult life is for more homeless people. In San Francisco, about 1800 people got food and services they need all under one roof Wednesday, including articles to keep them warm.

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Close to 1,800 people waited in line to get needed services at San Francisco's Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.

"They offer a lot of things here that otherwise you really wouldn't be able to get and if you did get them, you'd have to go to eight different places," said Jordan Broome, a participant in the program.

Broome was homeless for ten years, and he's now in a treatment program. He was able to call his mom in Texas Wednesday at the event.

The services provided included medical, dental and vision among others.

Leo Patterson came to get new glasses. "It makes a big difference," he said. "Because I have diabetes and you know, it's good to keep my eyes checked and keep up with my health."

Project Homeless Connect puts on five of these events a year. The non-profit also provides information on shelters and transitional housing.

The food they hand out may not always be fit for a king, but the advice on food programs is always welcomed.

"We are encouraging them to try and take advantage of some other food assistance," said Maria Stoke of the San Francisco-Marin food bank. "Whether through our pantries or through CalFresh, which is food stamps."

At Wednesday's events, coats and jackets were a welcomed bonus. So were knitted throw blankets. Each one was hand made by the volunteers of Warm Up America, a Texas based non-profit.

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"So we can make sure everyone who comes and visits leaves with a jacket, sweatshirt or a blanket or something to keep them warm," said Jessica Bendit of Project Homeless Connect. "Because it is December and it is getting cold."

Pets forced to live on the streets with their owners were also given medical attention and a chance to stay healthy.
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