Brazen thief steals from apartment mail boxes

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A brazen mail thief got away with a major haul after breaking into mailboxes in a Pacific Heights apartment complex.

The man in the surveillance video isn't delivering the mail, he stealing it. It happened at a posh Clay Street apartment building in Pacific Heights where 15 security cameras keep watch.

The well-dressed suspect was first spotted outside, then he appears to take something from his wallet to gain entry.

Building manager Szymon Dziadzia said, "He was good-looking, well-dressed."

Dziadzia says once inside the man is seen calmly using a crowbar to open the steel mailbox case, piling mail from all 26 tenants into a bag. He makes a second trip to get the packages.

If you watch the video closely, you'll notice the mail thief spots the security camera and doesn't seem to care.

Dziadzia said, "He even sees camera and seems to say, 'Whatever.'"

The suspect was inside the building a long time, a total of 12 minutes. No one saw anything thing. Tenants fear their personal information was stolen.

"I do have personal mail coming in, I'm concerned -- credit cards, statements," tenant Madlena Saakova said.

Police are investigating the brazen theft. Residents fear this man could be back for another haul.
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