Pride weekend kicks off in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Pride weekend kicked off with plenty of fanfare.

"This is amazing whoo, I love San Francisco," said one person as the Trans Parade began at 18th and Dolores.

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"It's a lovely day, it's a little hot but it's lovely and I'm so happy and so privileged to be here," said Cookie Bivens.

Ramona Sharples is here for visibility. "This is my second out pride and I'm here because I want to be visible as a trans person for all the people who can't be here today and to make my presence in this city known," said Sharples.

So is Brianna Varner. "I like to show who I am and represent my brothers, my trans sisters and everybody else who falls under the LGBT umbrella," said Varner.

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William Vanderkolk and Margaret Blum visiting from Amsterdam arrived right as the march got underway. "This was the first trans march that we saw and it was really special actually to see," said Vanderkolk.

"Interesting, colorful and really good," said Blum.

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