Man accused of kidnapping, raping 74-year-old appears in court

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The man accused of kidnapping and raping a 74-year-old woman inside his home, appeared in court Thursday. Manuel Jesus Amador pleaded not guilty even though he told police he raped the woman.

"He's facing charges of kidnapping, rape, sodomy," said Max Szabo, spokesperson for the San Francisco District Attorney's office.

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That office asked that 47-year-old Amador not be released on bail given the nature of the alleged crime.

According to police, the elderly woman was walking on the 1000 block of Prague Street on May 10 at 8 AM when Amador grabbed her and dragged her down this driveway toward a side door near his garage.

Part of the D.A.'s report said, "Defendant dragged her into a room, locked the door, and pushed her onto the bed. Defendant removed her clothing and held her down. Then, defendant proceeded to repeatedly rape her."

The woman was also bitten by a pit bull which was in the house. The D.A.'s office said Amador later dragged her back outside and dropped her on the sidewalk.

The victim had to undergo an operation for her injuries. She remains in the hospital.

"In my 20 years of policing I have rarely seen a case that has been more difficult, more horrific, more demoralizing and crushing," said Captain Jack Hart of the Ingleside Station.

His attorney said Amador has lived in San Francisco for 20 years and has a clean record.

"No criminal history, convictions whatsoever. He's presumed innocent and is entitled to due process," explained Tal Klement.

People in this neighborhood are shocked by what they've heard.

"A very sick individual but it's the type of person that I guess they seem normal to people," said Page Thomas.

Amador is a citizen of Honduras.

"As it pertains to a sanctuary city, for example, there would be no opportunity for authorities to work with federal authorities in relation to his immigration status," added Szabo.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement acknowledged that Amador has never been on their radar or on any kind of list. He's in custody and will remain in jail throughout this trial.
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